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I. Introduction to the Book of Revelation

A. [§1] The Apostle John and His Authorship of the Book of Revelation

B. [§2] Authenticity and Canonization of the Book of Revelation

C. [§3] The Place and Date of John’s Prophecy in the Book of Revelation

D. [§4] The “Apocalyptic” Book of Revelation Made Plain

E. [§5] The Book of Revelation Structure and Numerology

Revelation 1

II. Revelation 1: The Prologue

A. [§6] Rev 1:1-3: John Announces the Revelation of Jesus Christ

B. [§7] Rev 1:4-6: John’s Salutation to the Seven Churches

C. [§8] Rev 1:7-8: Introduction to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

D. [§9] Rev 1:9-11: John’s Charge to Write to the Seven Churches

E. John’s Vision of the Glorified Christ

1. [§10] Rev 1:12-15: Christ in the Midst of Seven Candlesticks

2. [§11] Rev 1:16-18: Christ Holds the Seven Stars in His Hand

F. [§12] Rev 1:19-20: John’s Final Charge to Write the Vision

Revelation 2 & 3

III. Revelation 2 and 3: Letters to the Seven Churches in Asia

A. [§13] Overview of Jesus Christ’s Message to the Seven Churches

B. John’s Letter to the Church in Ephesus

1. [§14] Rev 2:1-3: Commendations to the Ephesian Saints

2. [§15] Rev 2:4-5: A Call to Repent for Leaving Thy First Love

3. [§16] Rev 2:6: Christ Hates the Deeds of the Nicolaitans

4. [§17] Rev 2:7: Those That Overcome Eat from the Tree of Life

C. John’s Letter to the Church in Smyrna

1. [§18] Rev 2:8-10: The Saints Will Suffer Severe Tribulations

2. [§19] Rev 2:11: Saints Won’t Be Hurt by the Second Death

D. John’s Letter to the Church in Pergamos [Pergamum]

1. [§20] Rev 2:12-13: Commendations to the Pergamos Saints

2. [§21] Rev 2:14-16: A Call to Repent for Idol Worship

3. Rev 2:17: Exaltation Comes to Those That Overcome

a. [§22] The Hidden Manna Represents Eternal Life

b. [§23] The White Stone Is a Urim and Thummim

c. [§24] The New Name Is a Key Word

E. John’s Letter to the Church in Thyatira

1. [§25] Rev 2:18-19: Commendations to the Saints in Thyatira

2. [§26] Rev 2:20-23: “Jezebel” and Great Tribulation

3. [§27] Rev 2:24-25: The Burden of the Faithful Is to Hold Fast

4. [§28] Rev 2:26-29: The Saints Will Receive the Morning Star

F. John’s Letter to the Church in Sardis

1. [§29] Rev 3:1-3: The Saints Are Alive, But Spiritually Dead

2. [§30] Rev 3:4-6: Undefiled Saints Shall Walk in White

G. John’s Letter to the Church in Philadelphia

1. [§31] Rev 3:7-8: Christ Holds the Key of David

2. [§32] Rev 3:9-10: The Patient Are Promised Eternal Life

3. [§33] Rev 3:11-13: Pillars in the Heavenly Temple of God

H. John’s Letter to the Church in Laodicea

1. [§34] Rev 3:14-16: The Lukewarm Laodiceans

2. [§35] Rev 3:17-18: Counsel to the Wretched and Miserable

3. [§36] Rev 3:19-20: Christ Stands at the Door

4. [§37] Rev 3:21-22: Those That Overcome Will Be as God Is

Revelation 4

IV. Revelation 4: Vision of God the Creator Enthroned in Heaven [Paradise]

A. [§38] Rev 4:1-11: Overview of John’s Vision of “Heaven” [Paradise]

B. [§39] Rev 4:1: A Door in Heaven Is Opened to Reveal Things Hereafter

C. [§40] Rev 4:2-3: John’s Vision of the Throne of God in Heaven

D. Things Around and in the Midst of the Throne of God in Heaven

1. [§41] Rev 4:4: 24 Elders Sit on Thrones in Paradise

2. [§42] Rev 4:5: God’s Throne of Judgment and the Seven Lamps

3. [§43] Rev 4:6: The Sea of Glass Reflects Conditions in Paradise

4. [§44] Rev 4:6-8: The Four Beasts Represent All Creation in Paradise

E. [§45] Rev 4:8-10: The Beasts and 24 Elders Worship the Creator

F. [§46] Rev 4:11: God the Father Glorified As the Creator of all Things

Revelation 5

V. Revelation 5: Vision of Christ the Lamb, the Redeemer in Heaven [Paradise]

A. [§47] Rev 5:1-4: The Book with Seven Seals

B. [§48] Rev 5:5-7: The Lamb Prevailed to Open the Book and Loose the Seals

C. All Creation Praises the Lamb for His Power to Redeem Them

1. [§49] Rev 5:8-10: Saints Worthy of Exaltation Praise the Lamb

2. [§50] Rev 5:11-14: Those in All Kingdoms of Glory Praise the Lamb

Revelation 6

VI. Revelation 6: The Lamb Opens the First Six Seals of the Book

A. [§51] Overview of the Seven Seals

B. The First Four Historical Seals Are Opened

1. [§52] Rev 6:1-2: Enoch’s Conquests in the First Seal [4000-3000 BC]

2. [§53] Rev 6:3-4: Noah’s Flood in the Second Seal [3000-2000 BC]

3. [§54] Rev 6:5-6: Famines in the Third Seal [2000-1000 BC]

4. [§55] Rev 6:7-8: Sickness and Death in the Fourth Seal [1000 BC-1 AD]

C. The Fifth Seal Is Opened [1-1000 AD]

1. [§56] Rev 6:9-10: Martyrdom During the Fifth Seal

2. [§57] Rev 6:11: The “Great Apostasy” During the Fifth Seal

D. The Sixth Seal Is Opened [1000-2000+ AD]

1. [§58] Overview of John’s Vision of the Sixth Thousand Years

2. [§59] The Seven “Signs of the Times” of the Sixth Seal

3. [§60] The Voice of Warning from Worldwide Calamities

a. [§61] Rev 6:12, 14: A Great Earthquake Ends the Sixth Seal

b. [§62] Rev 6:12-13: Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars

c. [§63] Rev 6:14: Heaven Departs [Opens] as a Scroll

4. [§64] Rev 6:15-16: Seven Wicked Classes of Men Hide in Fear

5. [§65] Rev 6:17: Who Shall Be Able to Stand?

Revelation 7

VII. Revelation 7: The Restoration of the Gospel and Temple Work in the Sixth Seal

A. The Restoration of the Gospel in the Sixth Seal

1. [§66] Rev 7:1: The Four Angels of the Restoration

2. [§67] The Four Angels Commit the Keys of the Kingdom

3. [§68] Preaching the Gospel in All Nations

B. Elias Delays the Worldwide Calamities at the End of the Sixth Seal

1. [§69] Rev 7:1: The Four Destroying Angels of the Sixth Seal

2. [§70] Rev 7:2: An Angel from the East [Elias] Has the Seal of God

3. [§71] Rev 7:2-3: The Two Parts of the “Seal of the Living God”

a. Part 1: The Temple Sealing Ordinance

(1) [§72] The New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage

(2) [§73] The Ancient History of the Sealing Ordinance

b. Part 2: Calling and Election Made Sure

(1) [§74] The Calling and Election of Saints Made Sure

(2) [§75] The Calling and Election of Those Living

(3) [§76] The Calling and Election of the Dead

4. [§77] Rev 7:2-3: The Angel from the East Says “Hurt Not the Earth”

C. Temple Work During the Sixth Seal

1. [§78] Elijah Restores the “Sealing Power” in the Sixth Seal

2. [§79] The Urgency of Temple Work in the Sixth Seal

a. [§80] The Laws of Earthly Ordinances and Resurrection

b. [§81] The Status of Spirits Awaiting the Resurrection

(1) [§82] The Status of Spirits in Paradise

(2) [§83] The Status of Spirits in Spirit Prison [Hell]

c. [§84] Bridging the “Great Gulf” Between Prison and Paradise

d. [§85] Wasting of the Earth Without the Sealing Power

3. Many of the 144,000 Servants Sealed by the End of the Sixth Seal

a. [§86] Rev 7:4-8: 144,000 Are Sealed from the Tribes of Israel

b. [§87] Limited Sealings of the 144,000 Began in the Fifth Seal

c. The Purpose of Sealing the 144,000 by the End of the Sixth Seal

(1) [§88] The 144,000 Prepare to Rule as Kings and Priests

(2) [§89] The 144,000 Become Saviors on Mount Zion

D. John’s Second Vision of Heaven [Paradise] at the End of the Sixth Seal

1. [§90] Rev 7:9: Second Vision of Paradise and the Great Multitude

2. [§91] The Feast of Tabernacles Foreshadows the Sixth Seal Paradise

3. [§92] Rev 7:10-12: The Multitude and Angels Worship in Paradise

4. [§93] Rev 7:13-14: One of the 24 Elders Explains the Great Multitude

5. [§94] Rev 7:15-17: The Blessed State of the Great Multitude

Revelation 8

VIII. Revelation 8: The Seventh Seal Opens and Four Angels Sound

A. [§95] Overview of the Seventh Seal [1000-Year Millennium]

B. [§96] Rev 8:1: Silence in Heaven About the Space of Half an Hour

C. [§97] Rev 8:2: Seven Angels in Heaven Are Given Seven Trumpets

D. [§98] Rev 8:3-4: A Day of Atonement in the Heavenly Temple

E. [§99] Rev 8:5-6: Christ Begins to Pour Out Judgments upon the Earth

F. Overview of the Seven Judgments of the Seventh Seal

1. [§100] Seven Judgments [Plagues] Lead to the Second Coming

2. [§101] Fire and Burning Will Accompany the Seven Plagues

3. [§102] Images of Blood During the Seven Plagues

G. [§103] The First Group of Four Plagues in the Seventh Seal

1. [§104] Rev 8:7: The First Angel’s Plague upon the Land

2. [§105] Rev 8:8-9: The Second Angel’s Plague upon the Sea

3. [§106] Rev 8:10-11: The Third Angel’s Plague upon Fresh Water

4. [§107] Rev 8:12: The Fourth Angel’s Plague Brings Total Darkness

H. [§108] Rev 8:13: An Angel Warns About Three Remaining Plagues [Woes]

Revelation 9

IX. Revelation 9: The First Woe and Start of the Second Woe

A. The First Woe [Rev 9:1-12]: People Tormented for Five Months

1. Rev 9:1: Satan’s Fall from Heaven and Key of the Bottomless Pit

  a. [§109] Rev 9:1: Satan Falls with Unembodied Sons of Perdition

  b. [§110] The Disembodied Sons of Perdition in the Bottomless Pit

  c. [§111] Rev 9:1: The Key of the Bottomless Pit

2. [§112] Rev 9:2-4: The Bottomless Pit Is Opened and Locusts Emerge

3. [§113] Rev 9:5-6: Locusts Torment People for Five Months

4. [§114] Rev 9:7-10: Seven Symbolic Characteristics of the Locusts

5. [§115] Rev 9:11: Satan Is King of the Locusts in the Bottomless Pit

B. [§116] Rev 9:12: The First Woe Ends When the Wicked Are Ripened in Sin

C. The Second Woe [Rev 9:13-21]: Introduction to the Battle of Armageddon

1. [§117] An Overview of the Second Woe [Physical Armageddon]

2. [§118] Rev 9:13-14: Four Angels Are Loosed from the Euphrates River

3. Armageddon Begins and Brings Death to the Third Part of Men

a. [§119] Rev 9:15: Armageddon Begins at a Set Time and Date

b. [§120] Rev 9:15: Four Angels Slay the Third Part of Men

4. [§121] Rev 9:16: The Armies of Armageddon Number 200 Million

a. [§122] Rev 9:17: The Horses and Horsemen of Armageddon

b. [§123] Rev 9:17: Breastplates of Fire, Jacinth and Brimstone

5. [§124] Rev 9:18: A Third of Men Die by Fire, Smoke and Brimstone

6. [§125] Rev 9:19: The Horses Kill and Hurt in Their Mouths and Tails

7. [§126] Rev 9:20-21: Armageddon’s Telestial Survivors Fail to Repent

Revelation 10

X. Revelation 10: Adam-ondi-Ahman and John’s “Little Book” Mission

A. [§127] Overview of Revelation 10

B. The Great Gathering of Saints at Adam-ondi-Ahman Past and Future

1. [§128] Overview of Adam-ondi-Ahman

2. The Ancient Gathering of Saints at Adam-ondi-Ahman

a. [§129] Foundations for Zion Laid at Adam-ondi-Ahman

b. [§130] Temple Ordinances Given at Adam-ondi-Ahman

3. [§131] Daniel’s Vision of the Future Gathering at Adam-ondi-Ahman

a. [§132] Satan’s Earthly Dominion Until Adam-ondi-Ahman

(1) [§133] The Lion: Dominion in the Babylonian Empire

(2) [§134] The Bear: Dominion in the Medo-Persian Empire

(3) [§135] The Leopard: Dominion in the Greek Empire

(4) [§136] A Dreadful Beast: Dominion in the Roman Empire

(5) [§137] Ten Horns: Dominion in the Modern Nations

(6) [§138] The Little Horn: Satan’s Dominion since 1830 AD

b. [§139] The Date for the Gathering at Adam-ondi-Ahman

c. [§140] The Ancient of Days Will Judge His Righteous Posterity

d. [§141] Christ Takes Earthly Dominion at Adam-ondi-Ahman

e. [§142] The Saints Are Given Dominion at Adam-ondi-Ahman

(1) [§143] Ecclesiastical and Political Kingdoms Merge

(2) [§144] The Land of Zion Is Redeemed in Missouri

(3) [§145] Zion Built in the Last 3½ Years of Armageddon

4. Rev 10:1-7: John’s Vision of the Gathering at Adam-ondi-Ahman

a. [§146] Rev 10:1: Christ Is the Mighty Angel from Heaven

b. [§147] Rev 10:2-4: Dominions Given at Adam-ondi-Ahman

c. [§148] Rev 10:5-7: No More Delay After Adam-ondi-Ahman

C. John’s Little Book Mission to Gather and Translate the Lost Ten Tribes

1. [§149] Rev 10:8-11: The Meaning of the “Little Book”

2. [§150] Priesthood Keys for the Latter-day Gathering of Israel

3. [§151] The History and End of the Northern Kingdom [Ten Tribes]

4. [§152] The Physical and Spiritual Journey of the Lost Ten Tribes

5. The Translation of the Lost Ten Tribes

a. [§153] John and the Doctrine and Ordinance of Translation

b. [§154] Translation of Lost Tribes Mirrors the People of Enoch

6. [§155] The Translated Lost Ten Tribes in Jacob 5 and Ezekiel 37

D. [§156] John’s Little Book Mission Does Not Include the Jewish Gathering

Revelation 11

XI. Revelation 11: The End of the Second Woe and Start of the Third Woe

A. [§157] Overview of Great Tribulations and Abominations of Desolation

1. Prophecies of Armageddon and the Abomination of Desolation

a. [§158] The Second Coming Prophecies of Joel

b. [§159] The Second Coming Prophecies of Zechariah

2. [§160] The “Seventy Weeks Prophecy” [490 Years] of Daniel

a. [§161] The First Period of 7 Weeks of 49 Years

b. [§162] The Second Period of 62 Weeks of 434 Years

c. The Gap Between the 69th and 70th Weeks of Years

(1) [§163] Three Prophetic Events During the Gap

(2) [§164] The “Flood” During the Gap in Daniel 11

(3) [§165] Timeline for the Great Apostasy [Daniel 12]

d. [§166] The Third Period of 1 Week of 7 Years [Armageddon]

3. [§167] Daniel’s Vision of the Great Tribulation [Daniel 12]

B. John Measures the Third Temple and Worshipers Therein

1. [§168] Rev 11:1: John Measures the Third Temple and Its Altar

2. [§169] Rev 11:1: John Measures Them That Worship in the Temple

3. [§170] Rev 11:2: The Court Given to the Gentiles Is Not Measured

C. Two Witnesses Minister in Jerusalem During the Great Tribulation

1. [§171] Rev 11:2-3: Two Witnesses Minister 42 Months [3½ Years]

2. [§172] Rev 11:4: Two Witnesses Are Both Olive Trees and Candlesticks

3. [§173] Rev 11:5-6: The Two Witnesses Will Exercise the Sealing Power

4. [§174] Rev 11:7: The Death of the Two Witnesses at Jerusalem

5. [§175] Rev 11:8-10: The Bodies of the Two Witnesses Lie Unburied

D. The Resurrection of the Two Witnesses Fulfills the Sign of Jonas [Jonah]

1. [§176] Rev 11:11-12: The Two Witnesses Resurrect After 3½ Days

2. [§177] The Two Witnesses Fulfill the Sign of Jonas [Jonah]

E. [§178] Rev 11:13-14: The Second Woe Ends with an Earthquake in Jerusalem

F. [§179] Rev 11:15-19: John Introduces the Third Woe [Seventh Trumpet Angel]

1. [§180] Rev 11:15: Worldly Kingdoms Yield at Christ’s Second Coming

2. [§181] Rev 11:16-17: The 24 Elders Worship God [Christ]

3. [§182] Rev 11:18: Mortals and Spirits Judged During the Third Woe

4. [§183] Rev 11:19: Introduction to the Final Plagues of the Third Woe

Revelation 12

XII. Revelation 12: Flashback to the Premortal Existence and Its Likenesses on Earth

A. [§184] An Overview of Revelation 12 and the JST Changes

B. An Overview of the Premortal Existence from the Spirit Creation

1. [§185] Spirit Creations Are Multi-generational

2. [§186] The Order of Creation

3. [§187] Spirit Worlds Are Created According to the Order of Creation

4. [§188] God Created Kolob as the First Celestial Spirit World

5. [§189] Kolob Is the Spirit World Within This Earth

C. The Premortal “First Estate” After the Spirit Creation

1. [§190] The First Estate from Spirit Creation to the Grand Council

2. [§191] The Grand Council in Heaven on Kolob

3. [§192] Lucifer’s Fall on Kolob Is a Type for Adam’s Fall on Earth

D. [§193] Jehovah Was the Physical Creator in This Generation

E. Revelation 12:1-12: John’s Vision of the Premortal Existence

1. [§194] Rev 12:1: The Sign of the Woman Is the Premortal Church

2. [§195] Rev 12:2: The Woman with Child Travails Giving Birth

3. [§196] Rev 12:3: The Sign of the Red Dragon [Lucifer]

4. [§197] Rev 12:4: One-third of the Stars in Heaven Spiritually Fall

5. [§198] Rev 12:5: The Man Child Is Born to Rule All Nations

6. The Premortal Apostasy and Start of the Physical Creation

a. [§199] Rev 12:6: The Premortal Apostasy in Heaven

b. [§200] Start of Premortal Apostasy and Physical Creation

7. Rev 12:7-9: The War in Heaven and Ongoing Physical Creation

a. [§201] Rev 12:7: Apostasy Ends and War Begins in Heaven

b. The Creation of Habitable [Celestial] Earths

(1) [§202] Physical Creation During the War in Heaven

(2) [§203] Christ Ministers on All His Celestial Earths

c. [§204] Rev 12:8-9: Lucifer Prevailed Not and Was Cast Out

8. Rev 12:10-12: The War in Heaven Ends by the Blood of the Lamb

a. [§205] Rev 12:10: The War Ends and Now Is Come Salvation

b. [§206] Rev 12:10: Now Is Come Strength and the Kingdom

c. [§207] Rev 12:10: The Accuser of the Brethren Is Cast Down

d. [§208] Rev 12:11: Satan’s Defeat by the Blood of the Lamb

e. [§209] Rev 12:12: Rejoicing in Heaven at War’s End

F. Revelation 12:12-17: Satan’s War on Earth from Christ’s Death to 70 AD

1. [§210] Rev 12:12: Woe to the Earth for Satan’s Time Is Short

2. [§211] Rev 12:13: Satan Persecutes the Ancient Earthly Church

3. [§212] Rev 12:14: The Church Is Nourished in the Wilderness

4. [§213] Rev 12:15-16: Flood Water Threatens the Woman in 70 AD

5. [§214] Rev 12:17: The Dragon Makes War on the Woman’s Seed

Revelation 13

XIII. Revelation 13: Two Beasts of the Great Apostasy and Latter-day Kingdom of Satan

A. [§215] An Overview of Satan’s Kingdom [Two Beasts] in Revelation 13

B. [§216] John’s Vision of the Two Beasts Compared with Nephi’s Visions

C. The First Beast from 70 AD to the Renaissance

1. [§217] Rev 13:1: A Beast [Rome] Rises from the Sea in 70 AD

2. [§218] Rev 13:2: The First Beast Had the Power of Prior Kingdoms

3. [§219] Rev 13:3: Imperial Rome Dies and Papal Rome Lives On

D. [§220] Rev 13:4: Worship of the Dragon and the First Beast

E. The 1260 Years of Great Apostasy from 570 AD to the Restoration

1. [§221] Rev 13:5: Satan Has a Mouth [Power] Given Him 42 Months

2. Blasphemies, Warfare and Worship During the Great Apostasy 

a. [§222] Rev 13:6: The Three Blasphemies of Satan

b. [§223] Rev 13:7: Satan’s Wars Overcome the Saints

c. [§224] Rev 13:8: All That Dwell on Earth Worship Satan

F. [§225] Rev 13:9-10: The Saints of the Renaissance and Reformation

G. Revelation 13:11-18: The Latter-day Second Beast After the Restoration

1. [§226] Rev 13:11: The Two-Horned Lamb That Speaks as a Dragon

2. [§227] Rev 13:12-13: The Power and Miracles of the Second Beast

3. [§228] Rev 13:14-15: The Wicked Make an Image to the First Beast

4. [§229] Rev 13:16: The Wicked Receive the Mark of the Beast

5. [§230] Rev 13:17: No One Can Buy or Sell Without the Beast’s Mark

6. [§231] Rev 13:18: The Number of the Second Beast Is 666

Revelation 14

XIV. Revelation 14: God’s Kingdom Prevails as the Second Woe Comes to an End

A. [§232] Overview of the 144,000 on Mount Zion, Great Tribulation and Harvest

B. Revelation 14:1-5: The 144,000 on Mount Zion with the Seal of God

1. [§233] Rev 14:1: The Lamb Stands on Mount Zion with 144,000

a. [§234] The 144,000 Are Kings, Priests and Saviors on Mt. Zion

b. [§235] The 144,000 and Millennial Church of the Firstborn

2. [§236] Rev 14:2: The Heavens Rejoice Before the Second Coming

3. [§237] Rev 14:3: The New Song of the 144,000 Before the Throne

4. [§238] Rev 14:4-5: The 144,000 Are Redeemed as the First Fruits

C. [§239] Rev 14:6-11: The Sayings of Three Angels Before the Second Coming

1. [§240] Rev 14:6-7: The First Angel Proclaims the Everlasting Gospel

2. [§241] Rev 14:8: The Second Angel Proclaims the Fall of Babylon

3. [§242] Rev 14:9-11: The Third Angel Proclaims the Wrath of God

D. [§243] Rev 14:12: Saints of Zion Survive the Great Tribulation

E. [§244] Rev 14:13: Saints That Die in the Lord Will Rest, and Labor as Spirits

F. [§245] Rev 14:14-20: The Four Angels of the Harvest at Christ’s Coming

1. [§246] Rev 14:14: A First Angel Stands Ready to Reap the Righteous

2. [§247] Rev 14:15-16: A Second Angel Cries to Reap the Righteous

3. [§248] Rev 14:17: A Third Angel Stands Ready to Reap the Wicked

4. [§249] Rev 14:18: A Fourth Angel Cries to Reap the Wicked

5. [§250] Rev 14:19-20: Wicked Grapes Are Trodden in the Winepress

6. [§251] The Time of the Harvest at the End of Physical Armageddon

Revelation 15

XV. Revelation 15: Introduction to the Third Woe of the Seventh Seal

A. [§252] The Third Woe Begins When All Things Are in Commotion

B. [§253] Rev 15:1: The Grand Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven

C. [§254] Rev 15:1: Seven Angels and Seven Plagues of the Third Woe

D. Rev 15:2-4: Vision of Redeemed Saints as the Third Woe Begins

1. [§255] Rev 15:2: The Redeemed Saints Stand on a Sea of Glass

2. [§256] Rev 15:3-4: 144,000 Sing the Songs of Moses and the Lamb

E. [§257] Rev 15:5-8: God the Father Prepares for the Third Woe to Begin

Revelation 16

XVI. Revelation 16: The Seven Last Vial Plagues of the Third Woe, Seventh Seal

A. [§258] An Overview of the Last Seven Vial Plagues in Revelation 16

B. [§259] Rev 16:1: The Father Directs the Seven Angels to “Go Your Ways”

C. Rev 16:2-9: The First Four Vial Plagues of the Third Woe on the Wicked

1. [§260] Rev 16:2: First Vial: A Noisome and Grievous Sore on Land

2. [§261] Rev 16:3-4: Second and Third Vials: Death in the Waters

3. [§262] Rev 16:5-7: Justice Declared by the Angels of Water and Fire

4. [§263] Rev 16:8-9: Fourth Vial: Wicked People Scorched with Fire

D. [§264] Rev 16:10-16: The Fifth and Sixth Vials Are Directed at Evil Spirits

1. [§265] Rev 16:10-11: Fifth Vial: Darkness Fills Satan’s Kingdom

2. Rev 16:12-16: Sixth Vial: The Spiritual Battle of Armageddon

a. [§266] Rev 16:12: The Kings of the East Prepare for Battle

b. [§267] Rev 16:13: Three Unclean Spirits Like Frogs

(1) [§268] Spirits of the Dragon, Beast and False Prophet

(2) [§269] The Spirit of Cain Is the Head of the Beast

(3) [§270] The Spirit of Judas Iscariot Is the False Prophet

c. [§271] Rev 16:14: Spirits of Devils Gather for Battle of Great God

3. [§272] Rev 16:15: Christ Will Come Suddenly as a Thief

4. [§273] Rev 16:16: Spirits Literally Gather to Armageddon for Battle

E. [§274] Rev 16:17-21: Seventh Vial: The Second Coming and Final Plagues

1. [§275] Rev 16:17: The Father’s Voice Declares, “It Is Done”

2. [§276] Rev 16:18: The Third and Greatest Earthquake in History

3. [§277] Rev 16:19: Jerusalem Divides and Cities of Nations Fall

4. [§278] Rev 16:20: The Continents Reunite into One Landmass

5. [§279] Rev 16:21: An Exceedingly Great Hail Falls on Men

Revelation 17

XVII. Revelation 17: The Great Whore and Beast from Ancient Rome and Beyond

A. [§280] Rev 17:1-2: Overview of the Great Whore [False Religion]

B. Revelation 17:3-6: Rome Supports a Woman Who Becomes the Great Whore

1. [§281] Rev 17:3: A Woman Sits on a Scarlet Beast [Roman Empire]

2. [§282] Rev 17:4: The Woman Matures into the Great Whore

3. [§283] Rev 17:5: The Name of the Great Whore Is Babylon the Great

4. [§284] Rev 17:6: The Great Whore Is Drunk with the Blood of Saints

C. [§285] Rev 17:7: The Mystery of the Woman and the Beast to Be Explained

D. The Angel Explains the Past, Present, and Future of the Beast

1. [§286] Rev 17:8: The Beast That Was, and Is Not, and Yet Is

2. [§287] Rev 17:9: The Seven Heads and Mountains of Ancient Rome

3. [§288] Rev 17:10: Seven Earthly Kings Before the Second Coming

4. [§289] Rev 17:11: Satan’s Eighth Kingdom After the Millennium

E. [§290] Rev 17:12-13: The Beast Empowers Ten Kings [Modern Nations]

F. [§291] Rev 17:14: The Latter-day War of the Kings/Beast with the Lamb

G. [§292] Rev 17:15: The Latter-day Whore Sits upon Many Waters

H. [§293] Rev 17:16-17: Ten Horns Shall Hate and Burn the Great Whore

I. [§294] Rev 17:18: The Great Whore Reigns over Modern Babylon

Revelation 18

XVIII. Revelation 18: Judgments on the Great Whore and Second Beast

A. [§295] Rev 18:1-3: The Spiritual Fall of the Great Whore [Modern Babylon]

B. [§296] Rev 18:4-5: The Saints Are Commanded to Flee Modern Babylon

C. [§297] Rev 18:6-7: Modern Babylon Rewarded Double for Her Works

D. [§298] Rev 18:8: Seventh Vial Plague Will Destroy Babylon in One Day

E. [§299] Rev 18:9-19: Babylon Begins to Burn and Three Groups Mourn

1. [§300] Rev 18:9-10: Kings of the Earth Bewail Babylon’s Burning

2. [§301] Rev 18:11-16: Merchants of the Earth Shall Weep and Mourn

3. [§302] Rev 18:17-19: Four Groups of Mariners Shall Cry and Weep

F. [§303] Rev 18:20: The Heavenly Host Will Rejoice at Babylon’s Burning

G. [§304] Rev 18:21-24: The Final Destruction of, and Conditions in, Babylon

Revelation 19

XIX. Revelation 19: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb After Babylon’s Destruction

A. Rev 19:1-6: The Heavenly Hosts Praise Jesus Christ and God the Father

1. [§305] Rev 19:1-3: A Great Voice of Much People Praise Jesus Christ

2. [§306] Rev 19:4: The 24 Elders and Four Beasts Worship Jesus Christ

3. [§307] Rev 19:5-6: All in Heaven Worship the Son and the Father

B. [§308] Rev 19:7-8: Marriage of the Lamb and His Wife [the Church]

C. [§309] Rev 19:9: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

1. [§310] The Marriage Supper at New Jerusalem [Zion]

2. [§311] Celestial-Worthy People Attend the Marriage Supper

3. [§312] The Lost Ten Tribes Attend the Marriage Supper as a Bride

D. [§313] Rev 19:10: The Testimony of Jesus Is the Spirit of Prophecy

E. [§314] Rev 19:11-21: Christ’s Second Coming at the End of Armageddon

1. Christ’s Victory in the Physical Battle of Armageddon at Jerusalem

a. [§315] Rev 19:11-13: Christ’s Coming Will End Armageddon

b. [§316] Rev 19:14: Heavenly Armies [Bride] Come with Christ

c. [§317] Rev 19:15-16: Christ Conquers the Gathered Nations

d. [§318] Rev 19:17-18: Scavengers Eat the Supper of the Great God 

2. [§319] Rev 19:19-20: Victory in the Spiritual Battle of Armageddon

a. [§320] Rev 19:19: The Beast, the Kings and Their Armies

b. [§321] Rev 19:20: Defeat of the Beast and False Prophet

3. [§322] Rev 19:21: The Worldwide End of Physical Armageddon

Revelation 20

XX. Revelation 20: Satan Is Bound, the Millennium, Resurrection, and Final Judgment

A.  [§323] Rev 20:1-3: Satan Is Bound in the Bottomless Pit for 1,000 Years

B. The Thousand Year Millennium After the Second Coming

1. [§324] The Doctrine and Overview of the Millennium

2. [§325] Life and Death During the Millennium

3. [§326] Temple Work During the Millennium

C. [§327] Rev 20:4-6: John’s Vision of the First Resurrection

1. [§328] Rev 20:4: Exalted Saints Reign with Christ in the Millennium

2. [§329] Rev 20:5-6: The Rest of the Dead in the First Resurrection

D. The Order of the First Resurrection of the Just

1. [§330] Obedience Governs the Order of Resurrection for All Things

2. [§331] Earthly Ordinances Required Before the Celestial Resurrection

3. [§332] Overview of the First Resurrection and the Last Resurrection

4. The Stages of Celestial Resurrection Within the First Resurrection

a. [§333] Morning of the First Resurrection for Exalted Saints

b. [§334] The Celestial Resurrection After the Second Coming

c. [§335] The Celestial Resurrection Continues for 1000 Years

d. [§336] The End of the Celestial Resurrection

5. [§337] The Terrestrial Resurrection at the End of the Millennium

E. Rev 20:7-9: The Little Season After the Resurrection of the Just

1. [§338] The Length of the “Little Season” Is Limited to 100 Years

2. [§339] Rev 20:7: Satan Will Be Loosed During the Little Season

3. [§340] Rev 20:8: Satan Gathers Gog and Magog for a Final Battle

4. [§341] Rev 20:9: The Final Battle of the Great God [Gog and Magog]

F. Ezekiel’s Visions of Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38 and 39

1. [§342] The Two Battles of Gog and Magog Distinguished

2. [§343] The Post-Millennial Battle of the Great God in Ezekiel 38

G. [§344] The Telestial Resurrection of the Unjust

H. [§345] Rev 20:10: Satan Is Cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone

I. [§346] The Resurrection of Mortal Sons of Perdition

J. [§347] Rev 20:11: The Earth and Heaven Fled [Pass Away]

K. The Final Judgment and Punishment for All Sons of Perdition

1. [§348] Rev 20:12: Sons of Perdition from Mortality Are Judged

2. [§349] Rev 20:13-15: All Sons of Perdition Suffer the Second Death

L. [§350] The Resurrection of All Other Things After the Final Judgment

Revelation 21

XXI. Revelation 21: The New Heaven and New Celestial Earth

A. [§351] Rev 21:1: Resurrected Heaven and Earth Are the Celestial Kingdom

B. [§352] Rev 21:2: The New Jerusalem Descends as a Celestial City

C. [§353] Rev 21:3-4: God and Christ Dwell with Celestial Saints in Glory

D. [§354] Rev 21:5-7: Christ Promises Exaltation to the Righteous Saints

E. [§355] Rev 21:8: Eight Types of People Suffer Spiritual Death

F. [§356] Rev 21:9-11: The Holy [Old] Jerusalem, Bride and Wife of the Lamb

G. Rev 21:12-21: John’s Symbolic Description of the Celestial City [Earth]

1. [§357] Rev 21:12-14: The Walls, Gates, and Foundations of the City

2. [§358] Rev 21:15-17: The Layout and Dimensions of the City

3. [§359] Rev 21:18-21: The Material Composition of the City

H. The Presence of the Father and the Son in the Celestial City [Earth] 

1. [§360] Rev 21:22: There Is No Physical Temple in the Celestial City

2. [§361] The Presence of the Father and the Son in the Celestial City

I. Rev 21:23-26: The Glory of the Celestial City [Earth]

1. [§362] Rev 21:23: The Glory of God and Christ Lighten the City

2. [§363] Rev 21:24-26: Kings and Nations Bring Their Glory to the City

J. [§364] Rev 21:27: Those Named in the Book of Life Enter the Celestial City

Revelation 22

XXII.  Revelation 22: Blessings in the Celestial Kingdom and Epilogue to the Revelation

A. [§365] Overview of Revelation 22, the Epilogue and John’s Benediction

B. Rev 22:1-5: Comparative Images of Eden’s Paradise and the Celestial Earth

1. [§366] Rev 22:1-2: The Celestial River of Life and the Tree of Life

2. [§367] Rev 22:3-4: There Is No More Curse, and Servants Serve God

3. [§368] Rev 22:5: God’s Light Given to Those That Reign Forever

C. Revelation 22:6-19: The Epilogue for the Book of Revelation

1. [§369] Rev 22:6: The Truth of John’s Prophecy Is Confirmed

2. [§370] Rev 22:7: Christ Will Come Quickly to Bless the Obedient

3. [§371] Rev 22:8-9: John Falls Down to Worship His Angelic Guide

4. [§372] Rev 22:10-11: Seal Not the Sayings for the Time Is at Hand

5. [§373] Rev 22:12-13: Christ Will Come Quickly with His Reward

6. [§374] Rev 22:14-15: Blessed Are They That Enter the Celestial City

7. [§375] Rev 22:16: Christ Is the Root of David and the Morning Star

8. [§376] Rev 22:17: Invitations to Come unto Christ and Drink Freely

9. [§377] Rev 22:18-19: No One Shall Add or Take from John’s Words

D. [§378] Rev 22:20-21: A Final Prayer to Christ and John’s Benediction

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